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A Living Nerve

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I spoke a time ago

At the time I felt so bold

Like a powerful force

Ready to unfold

But the thoughts couldn't escape me

Not like they had before

Reflections of demons

Haunting all that I adore

Oh, the pain I can take

Its the emptiness I cant shake

As the shadows creep in

My sanity escapes

The dreadful occupy my mind

Adrenaline numbs the sting inside

Trespassing the sacred place in my heart

Leaving whats left of it torn apart

As I prepare to go to war with my past

I begin to unveil the mask

Its there I will find the power inside

To bring my soul back to life

A light in the darkest places

Feed it so it grows

Turning trauma into triumph

Curing all that is exposed

One day the wounds will heal

What once was will be again

Mending the ability to feel

A shattered heart is not the end

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