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A Ravenous World

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A drought in connection,

Starving for truth

The threat of conformity

depriving the youth

A dry hunger,

A thirst for what’s past

An explosion of thoughts

saturating too fast

In a city of chaos,

tricksters appear

An assassin to siphon the conscious

left in utter darkness to fear

Suffocated by righteous opinions

either by companion or foe

The lines blur into oblivion

distorting the right way to go


beneath a web of lies


finds a place to hide

A tip toe through the strain of clout…

The memory of escape left in doubt…


A step beyond the comfort of familiarity,

Past an unfixed barrier guarded by uncertainty..

A faint glimmer of hope will shine

A place where souls will transcend time

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