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Betrayal is an awful thing

It’s never kind, it makes the heart sting

Each and every scar is designed

As a reminder of what is left behind

Like bitter ashes where a fire died

Funny how it keeps misery alive

Fate unfairly served it’s time

The destiny of two hearts not aligned

Memories stitched into the conscious

Clouding what's left of a vision

Shaded by fear and despair

The nerves tormenting every decision

Like a misunderstanding never understood

Hollow holds a permanent residence

A fine line between pain and emptiness

Not that one can tell the difference

Dysfunction leading to heartbreak

Hidden screams behind a smile

Like painting a picture over the trauma

Unsettled, it will stay a while

But somewhere deep inside

A particle of light still shines

One day the past will leave the present

And the heart will come out on the other side

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