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Fate of the Eternal

They say eye for an eye

A defense for the lies

A rebuttal for betrayal

But let that concept die

Is it not more brave

To turn the other way

When someone takes you out from under

Do not let your spirit cave

This world can be vicious

Detrimental to the conscience

But it soon will disappear

Everything becoming more clear

We tend to hide behind our sins

Afraid of what we have to do

Whatever the past has done

Be strong,

You have made it through

We are all guilty

So throw that shame away

What matters now is how you change

Moving forward as bitterness fades

What can be gained from what is lost?

What can be learned after being crossed?

Life is full of lessons you see

Memories defining the future we seek

Imagine yourself in peace

Imagine your soul in tranquility

Where would you be?

What would you need?

Try not to fear the uncertainty

Death is nothing but a gate

I promise you will survive

A fate of the eternal

Forever we will be alive

Capture light in each moment

But hold on tight

Because the closer you get

The harder darkness fights

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