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Let Your Mind Bend

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A figure in the shadows is all you seek

An image blurred in uncertainty

But do not be scared my friend

Accept the vision, let your mind bend

Remember the laugh you once loved

Feel the warmth from up above

If he calls your name, do not be ashamed

Don’t let your heart beat in vain

Slowly from reality we fade

Holding on to hope for a better day

Letting the past hold us in chains

Too afraid to break away

From the beginning we are challenged

Our hearts led astray

A hole deep within us

No force can partake

Darkness floods our cities

Terrorizing our vulnerability

We pretend to smile, play along

Believing we are far from strong

Knowing the truth behind those eyes

Is better then living a lie

Pretend can only last so long

Secrets tend to not belong

If only time were on our side

We could wait until the pain subsides

Seeking someplace to hide

Longing for eternal life

Chasing the ghost of despair

Making it’s way across thin air

Dreaming of escaping this realm

Our current reality overwhelmed

Make me believe passion is left

Don't let me hold my breath

Discover an untouchable reach

A feeling one cannot teach

More than what one could imagine

Behind all that you see

A promise, a future of peace

Our souls no longer deceased

So when the world ends

and companions sleep

We’ll drift away

Beyond the sea...

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