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Ode to the Troubled Mind

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Desolate— like a shadow in space,

a misconception I had of the stranger in my face

I saw a shattered reflection, anger, disgrace

I was lost, the past was holding me in chains

Trapped, enraged, like a bear in a cage

Stuck in an hour glass, no way to escape

Quicksand— sinking under the grains

Broken, fed by the bitterness of mistakes

My heart was encaged—

I was drowning in fear

The light grew dim—

and my vision unclear

But like a soldier I fought,

I conquered, broke through

Faced the darkness

as the light grew..

A glimmer of hope

up ahead in my view

I came out the other side

found out what’s the truth

The nightmares still haunt me

a reminder my fight was real

I try to stay centered

on the seesaw of weight I feel

But don’t worry for me

for now I can see

The battle is won

I will not end in defeat

If you never saw the darkness,

how would you recognize the light?

If you didn't know wrong,

how would you know right?

My experience is a lesson

or else how could I help?

How do you tell someone how they feel

with out experiencing it yourself?

The load has been lifted

I can finally breathe

I’m reaching out my hand

So others can see..

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