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Welcome to the Chaos

In a world shaken in misery, so are my thoughts. Depth between the eye and the mind are creating a barrier between an illusion and reality. Sometimes everything makes sense, and life is a beautiful satisfaction. But in an instant, those dreams are ripped at the seams, and all you're left with is broken pieces of doubt that were once unbreakable. Finding the strength to create what once was, is an impossible solution to a soul in the shadows. Screaming for something, becomes silence to the crowd. As she's falling beneath a treacherous web of lies, she's caught gasping for air. Her feelings becoming a pool of chaotic confusion, and making sense of what they mean is a lost cause. What's real, what's true, each day different, each choice just to settle. Does happiness exist? Or do we choose to label our realities with a word to build our own confidence? Happy today, drowning tomorrow? Are you truly happy? If you could be truly happy, then you could be truly sad, but life doesn't work like that. Emotions flood your veins constantly, and are always changing. We are always changing, always moving, always creating. Finding a safe haven is a brief sense of security, but is that living? If your journey is cut short for settling, what are you living for. Excitement exists in the unknown. Comfort helps you sleep, but tomorrow is another day, another mystery. She's damaged, and she's barely holding on. Beyond this point, she's searching for something out of her grasp. But she'll keep looking, keeping hurting, keep trying, keep dreaming, hoping one day it will all make sense. But never forgetting how she ended up there.

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